Sectors We Serve

Corporate Security

In today’s world, corporations face a huge challenge in meeting their responsibility to provide a safe and secure facility for their employees and visitors. This challenge comes in the form of many different types of threats, be it criminal activity, workplace violence, business interruption, property loss or damage, terrorist attack or liability exposure. Successful companies meet this challenge by making an investment in a quality corporate security service provided by JNZ Facility. Our dedicated management team will meet with you to understand your corporation’s specific needs. Once those needs are defined, we will recommend a security program that will meet your security, public relations and budget objectives. If currently your security officers are direct employees of your business, let JNZ Facility show you the tremendous savings and efficiencies that can be obtained by outsourcing those positions to us. This will enable your executives to focus on your core business, while JNZ Facility focuses on the security of your facility, employees and visitors. JNZ Facility has over two decades experience in providing corporate security,

Commercial Real Estate

In today’s world, commercial real estate owners have a huge challenge in meeting their responsibility to provide a safe and secure facility for their tenants and visitors. There are many different types of threats that can affect commercial real estate. JNZ Facility Protective Services, Inc. has planned and prepared for such challenges. JNZ Facility officers present the image of your property to the tenants and general visitors to your property, enforcing the access control program that allows the proper individuals on your property, while being a deterrent to possible trespassers. Our security officers protect your private commercial property and assets, enabling you to focus on your core business. Some problems are potential and costly problem for commercial real estate. If your building systems or tenants’ property is damaged in any way, it can be very disruptive and expensive. Having our trained commercial real estate security officers on-site at your facility will provide the necessary deterrence that will mitigate this threat.


A specific type of security is required by government entities, whether it be local, county, state or federal. JNZ Facility Services, with over 5 years of experience, has the expertise to provide security for the many different types of government clients. These government clients must address unique security requirements based on the particular purpose and mission of the government agency. This might require the experience of JNZ Facility armed commissioned security officers. Our armed officers receive in-house training on all aspects of firearm use and safety. All armed officers must successfully complete a state training program of a minimum of forty hours including firearm proficiency. All armed officers must also successfully complete requalification training and testing on a regular basis


The healthcare industry is a growing segment of the Indian economy that currently encompasses a full one sixth of the Indian Gross National Product. Nearly all Indians are touched by the healthcare industry in some way, especially during this time of rapidly growing technology and government mandated changes to healthcare delivery. Never before has the environment so badly needed a healthcare security company that has experience in meeting the special demands of the industry. JNZ Facility Services has decades of positive experience in providing security guards for medical institutions. We are one of Delhi NCR’ premier security firms, perfectly suited to provide security for single doctor practices, non-profit clinics, multiple location providers, hospitals, and even medical universities.

Temples/Non Profit Organizations

Temples and Non-profits face unique threats. Preparation and planning is a huge part of crime prevention. For all our clients, we sit down and go over the specific security needs for their organization. We look at the risk analysis. There is a difference in the type of coverage for a small temple in a high crime area versus a mega Temple in a suburban area. Cash donations make the Temple or non-profit vulnerable to theft or robbery. If services are at night there might be more of a risk if the church or non-profit is isolated and exposed for crime. In Houses of Worship there could be potential threats of violence from other groups that target specific religious groups. It is important to secure a church/non-profit and still be inviting to worshipers and visitors. JNZ Facility Services’ officers are trained, professional and discreet.

Manufacturing & Industrial

The manufacturing and industrial segment has all of the traditional security issues present as in other business sectors; such as access control, and theft, but in addition has other threats present, such as lost profits through production equipment failure and inventory loss. Also, the enforcement of employee safety plans and programs is paramount to a safe and profitable manufacturing operation, providing substantial insurance savings. The planning and enforcement of inventory controls is another added benefit of using JNZ Facility officers.

Educational Facilities

In the sad light of the recent increase in gun/Knife/Blade related violence in schools and colleges, not just in India, but globally, school security has become increasingly important. Educators, parents and school staff continue to try to find a way to keep students of all ages safe from the problems that are making their way into our schools and colleges.

Violence and theft in schools has become a very real concern to all of those involved in education as stories regularly hit the news of incidents at educational facilities around the nation. While most incidents involve an act against just one individual or building, tragic multiple shootings continue to happen from time to time causing serious concern on campuses everywhere.

Retail Shopping Centers

Security guards provide a visual reminder and greater sense of security for employees and customers and specialize in prevention. Decreasing theft of inventory is priority. Shrinkage costs retailers an average of 1.5% of sales, which is why security for retail stores, shopping centers and malls is in high demand. Unfortunately, theft is on the rise. Retailers must use in-store security mechanisms such as surveillance cameras and security guards to help reduce shrinkage, or they are basically choosing to accept the loss of 1.5% of their revenue. While cameras are great for use in playback of store activity and capturing theft on camera, security guards are a much greater deterrent of theft than surveillance cameras. Stores which only use cameras are not able to prevent theft in the same manner as stores which have guards because criminals are less likely to be active under the supervision of a security guard. Hiring security officers also shows professionalism and that your business is protected and focused on customer safety.

Data Centers

JNZ Facility provides officers that will provide access control, fire safety, emergency storm response, camera and systems monitoring and other security and safety services to your Data Center. Data Centers have a unique set of security requirements. By hosting other companies IT infrastructure, data centers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to provide a secure facility. All types of corporations, including banks, oil and gas, government agencies and other financial organizations, trust all of their important and sensitive data to the third party data center. In turn, the data center must be able to trust their security company to provide highly professional security officers that will keep their facility secure.


Heavy equipment theft is a growing problem in India and nearly 1000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen each month via the National Crime Information Center. Placing security onsite will deter theft and increase the peace of mind for you and your investors. Theft slows down the process of construction, which costs more in money and lost time. Your insurance costs could go up as well as a result of losses. During the off hours of construction, it is a major liability if a trespasser were to enter into a construction zone. JNZ Facility wants to serve you and your security needs. We are aware of the issues construction sites face and will work closely with you to ensure the best service possible. It is a smart investment to protect your construction site with JNZ Facility Services, Inc. officers.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are at a risk of robbery. Old fashioned bank robberies continue to trouble financial institutions. According to the CBI crime statistics, there were just under 30000 bank robberies in the India between the first quarters of 2019 and 2023. Bank robberies have resurfaced as a more common crime and are frequently accompanied by violence.

Since bank accounts are insured by RBI Rules & Regulation, a certain level of security is required to remain in compliance with RBI guidelines. Including using armed security officers, banks are implementing the use of high definition motion detecting color cameras, time-locked vault doors, silent alarms, tear gas and dye packs, bait money and GPS tracking devices.

JNZ Facility armed officers receive in-house training on all aspects of firearm use and safety. All armed officers must successfully complete a state training program of a minimum of forty hours including firearm proficiency. All armed officers must also successfully complete re-qualification training and testing and are thoroughly trained on your specific bank policies regarding incident response.

Hiring JNZ Facility Services’ armed officers will provide peace of mind for employees and visitors.


If you market a product of any sort, then you are involved in logistics, from purchasing of raw materials to manufacturing, inventory, and distribution. At any point along the supply chain, security is paramount to the successful logistical operation. In India, we must secure airports, railroads, inter-modal rail facilities, warehouse and trucking facilities.

For a company to be successful in getting their product to their customer in an efficient and profitable way, it must have safe and secure warehousing and transport of that product with no interference from outside forces. That is where the selection of JNZ Facility Services and the use of our security officers make the difference in your operations. JNZ officers go through extensive pre-employment screening, training and supervision and can provide your logistics operation perimeter security, ingress and egress control, interior patrol, truck yard patrols and monitoring, seal verification, as well as additional services that will ensure your profitable operations.

Special Events

There are certain special events that require security. There are a variety of customers that require a professional security presence. A special would be for service from several hours up to 30 days. Certain venues require a security officer for any event that brings about a large number of people such as a wedding reception, sporting or entertainment event. We have provided security service for exhibits at hotels, carnivals and a wide range of other functions.